Meet Kent

Founder & Head Chef

Away from the kitchen, Kent is an artist and animal lover

with a strong appetite to create high-quality,

wholesome foods for people on-the-go.


An avid tinkerer, Kent loves to create.

When he is not experimenting and crafting in the kitchen

or at Farmer’s Markets throughout the Thompson-Okanagan Valley,

you will find Kent painting, building or on one of the many

hiking trails in the region.

His favorite hiking trail is Sunset Hike at Kenna Cartwright Park

on the outskirts of Kamloops, BC. 

Our Story

How did we get here? 

After years of never finding time to prepare a proper meal and tired of not being able to understand the ingredients on his labels, Kent left his job as a Research Technician and entered the kitchen.

Equipped with his recipe book of ideas, a desire to provide people with sustainable, yet delicious, food options and a solid understanding

of how the body digests food and receives its nutrients, Kent created

Local Pulse, a plant-based food company utilizing pulses -

the edible seed in plants from the legume family,

for which Canada is the #1 producer in the world.


Powered by pulses, Kent and his team create high-quality products

that keep you going throughout your busy day,

while minimizing food waste.

Learn more about how pulses are the future of our food systems here.

Our Values

What Guides us Today


We continuously evolve our offerings to provide our customers with

high-quality, plant-based meals, for any lifestyle.


We source only the finest ingredients while supporting local farmers wherever possible, each product is handcrafted in Kamloops, BC.


We believe every lit bit helps, and that the little choices we make in our daily lives will have a big impact on our planet tomorrow.


We embrace innovation and fresh ideas when developing

new recipes for our customers

Our Future

Where We Want to go Tomorrow

We strive to be a positive change in our world while continuously working towards creating small-batch, 

quality foods with no environmental imprint.

We are not there…yet.

Each day we are constantly looking for ways to improve

our methods. We continuously evaluate every step of our process of creating a quality product for you to enjoy.

Everything from where we source our raw ingredients to what happens to our packaging once our product is consumed is evaluated.

In the spirit of continuous improvement,

our team is constantly innovating.

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Thank you for your support, we couldn’t have done it without you.


Local Pulse
1810 Springhill Drive



Kamloops Farmer's Market

Saturday (Apr - Oct)
8:30AM - 12:30PM

Sun Peaks Farmer's Market

Sunday (May - Oct)
9:30AM - 1:30PM

Celista Farmer's Market

Wednesday (Jul - Sep)

9:00AM - 1:00PM

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Join our mailing list. 

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